Curtiss Park

The Curtiss Park includes six acres, located on the Keuka Lake, the Cold Brook inlet and Liberty Street.  Much of the property is a former coal yard, railroad utility yard, and some of it was used as a dump and landfill for the village and town.  It had become overgrown and volunteers have been thinning out the trees and clearing brush over the past few years.  An overlooked part of Curtiss Park is the part across the inlet, the part of the Town property that is mostly wetland.  The addition of the bridge will connect both parts of Curtiss Park and all parks to each other.

Plans call for the park to include a path, tables, benches, possibly a kayak launch and parking.   It will be integrated into a parks and trails system being the central of three parks on the south end of Keuka Lake.  Connecting trails will be leading across the inlet to Champlin Beach, Hammondsport Central School, Hammondsport Fire Department and the Little League fields.  Across State Route 54 the Triad Trail connects to the main Finger Lakes Trail.  In the other direction, towards the Village of Hammondsport, the trail will lead to Liberty Street with more parking and then to Depot Park or to the center of the village square and Pulteney Park.  Other trails are planned to connect to the Curtiss Museum, June Bug Trail, Pleasant Valley Winery, the Finger Lakes Boating Museum, and the Finger Lakes Trail/North Country Trail at the Pleasant Valley Trailhead that was just completed.

Help From Alfred State Students

Alfred State students and instructors have adopted the park as a project.  In the Fall of 2015 they began working to clean up and grade the area near the lake and inlet, using heavy equipment.  Members of “Friends” provided lunch and refreshments.  Work did continue in the spring of 2016 with more grading and the removal of a large number of ash trees that had been infested with the emerald ash borer.  Again “Friends” provided lunch and we look forward to continue work in the fall.